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Neighbourhood Watch Message, 2012 April 18

Mid Sussex district has been subject to a series of catalytic converter thefts. It is thought that the value is the platinum, palladium and rhodium metals contained within them so they are likely to be disposed of at scrap metal dealers.

They are more valuable if it is the vehicle's original one. The bigger the converter, the more valuable it is. Of the 7 recent thefts on Burgess Hill, 5 have been various vans and the other 2 have been large vehicles (Ford Ranger & Suzuki Vitara).

Vulnerable vehicles appear to be those that have a higher ground clearance, making it easier to remove the exhaust.

If you witness any suspicious behaviour, please contact Sussex Police on 101. If a crime is in progress, please use 999.

Jan Lavis, Sergeant, Mid Sussex District

December 2007 

Sussex Police Winter 2007 Newsletter (Gardenwood, Imberhorne, Baldwins and Charlwoods) (PDF)

Sussex Police have announced a major new initiative in aiding communication with your local Neighbourhood Specialist Team officers. The following is part of the press release that explains this:

NEED to contact your local police?

If it's an emergency, or to report a crime as it's happening, dial 999 and ask for the police - the same way as ever.

For other crimes and urgent matters, there's still the central 0845 60 70 999 number to call Sussex Police.

If the matter is not urgent and you would like to find out who the officers for your neighbourhood are, along with how to contact them, there's now a new way to get in touch:

Go to www.sussex.police.uk, type in your postcode and you'll now find the names and photographs of all your local neighbourhood officers.
Click on their pictures and you'll see their personal profiles and contact details.

You can contact them via email or leave a voicemail message by phoning the 0845 60 70 999 number and using the individual extension number provided.

The new system is the result of a six-month project by Sussex Police's in-house web team to give every Neighbourhood Specialist Team across Sussex its own web page.

In addition to photographs and contact details for every Police Community Support Officer and Neighbourhood Specialist Constable in Sussex the pages also contain a monthly 'What's happening in your area' community update, regular news flashes for the district, details of upcoming street briefings, up-to-date information about how local police are doing and details about your nearest police station.

New road signs on the A23 warn motorists that unmarked police cars are operating. A full report about this appeared in the 'Mid Sussex Times' of January 18 2007. It is a move to improve safety on the road and follows a very bad accident near Pyecombe a couple of years ago when eight people were killed. At the briefing afterwards, the police said that for this part of A23 speed cameras were not very helpful and that unmarked cars could deal with other aspects of bad driver behaviour, such as tailgating, talking on mobile phones and dangerous overtaking.

It seems likely that further action on Community Speed Watch may be organised in the not too distant future including the involvement of PCSOs with speed check sessions; also special constables as they have powers to stop offenders. It has been suggested that use of checks should be at varying dates and times for short spells as this may have more effect than a regular check arrangement.

On January 18, a number of Burgess Hill co-ordinators attended a meet at which NST lead Sgt. Simon Alexander gave a wide ranging talk on current policing in the town. Two of the NST PCSOs also attended. A lively discussion followed and it is hoped to arrange further meetings perhaps three or four times per year. This one was the first such gathering for a considerable time. Burgess Hill town does need to have much greater NHW coverage and the recent efforts by David Norton to build a strong team in the Chanctonbury ward shows how it can be done with a little determination and effort.

The North Downs Search Team will have its first AGM at Slaugham Manor on Monday February 26 at 7.30 pm. Further volunteers are needed and it may be a good opportunity to hear more about what is involved if anyone interested attends the meeting. It is likely that lead members of two other teams Sussex Search & Rescue, and the Lowland Search and Rescue dog team may be in attendance. The dogs are specially trained by their owners and have considerable ability in assisting in such operations.

Don Sinclair who has for several years been the Main Co-ordinator at Ashurst Wood is standing down due to commitments as chairman of the local parish council. His place is taken by Soraya Hosking.